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GI awareness

01 Jan 31 Mar

A geographical indication (GI) is a distinctive sign used to identify a product whose quality, reputation or other characteristics are related to its geographical origin. Some globally renowned GIs are Champagne (France), Feta Cheese (Greece), Thai Silk, and Penja Pepper (Cameroon). However, one aspect that challenges the success of GIs, beyond producers’ technical capacities, is the lack of awareness of all interested stakeholders.

Thus, outcomes 5 and 6 of the Continental Strategy for GIs in Africa (2018-2023) are part of the GI Awareness Activity. In outcome 5, research, training programmes and extension are encouraged to identify, develop and communicate the best African-tailored practices and contribute to the African approach to climate change. Outcome 6 creates awareness among all stakeholders, including consumers. This ensures communication among stakeholders and information to a broader audience.

Since a lot of research has been undertaken by non-African institutions, cooperation between African and experienced non-African institutions should be encouraged.

This activity aimed to synergise with existing training initiatives, including Africa-GI, to improve awareness and build capacities on GIs at a continental level.

This Activity will continue in AWP3.

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