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Support the registration at national level of GIs for OAPI countries

01 Jan 31 Dec

The Continental Strategy for geographical indications (GIs) in Africa (2018-2023) highlights the importance of the development and registration of GI products as pilots and drivers for rural and sustainable development to provide learning and demonstrative effects.

GI producers and communities, with potential GIs need technical assistance to understand how they can benefit from the GI system, how to make the appropriate strategic choices for the legal recognition and further development of the origin-product as a GI.  Indeed, some aspects of the success of GI are not directly covered by the registration and need to be identified before to consider further action that will ensure the sustainable development of a GI.

In 2022, AfrIPI initiated the recruitment of consultants to draft a prospective study for three pilots.

Through this activity, AfrIPI provides technical assistance in areas where support is needed to obtain registration of the name as a protected Geographical Indication at national/regional and/or EU level. This technical assistance is expected to contribute to the strengthening of the capacity of the productive sector in African countries to compete in national or external markets.

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