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Technical Support for the development of the institutional framework for GIs in OAPI countries

01 Jan 31 Dec

The Continental Strategy on Geographical Indications (GIs) aims to create an enabling environment at the legal and institutional level for GIs in African countries.

In OAPI countries, the creation of National Committees on GIs, tasked with the prior examination of specifications, is mandatory for registering GIs. The role of these committees may also extend to the control, defence and promotion of GIs. This activity will support the creation and, where applicable, well-functioning of these bodies. It will focus on:

  • taking stock of the situation of National Committee on GIs at a regional webinar;

  • helping to draft a guide on how to create and efficiently organise National Committees on GIs;

  • organising a regional webinar to present and discuss the draft guide and further encourage Member States to move forward with their GIs.

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