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Training on IPR enforcement for ARIPO Member States

Nairobi,  Kenya

28-30 May

This activity provides technical training on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) enforcement for customs and police officials. This program builds on AfrIPI's past enforcement work in Africa and addresses the need for improved skills among those on the frontlines of IPR protection. The training responds to the global rise in piracy and counterfeiting, emphasising the importance of collaboration and keeping pace with technological advancements by equipping officials with the latest knowledge and best practices


  •  to provide technical training on IPR enforcement to the participants; 

  • to raise awareness of EU and international best practices on IPR enforcement; 

  • to provide a networking platform for customs and police officials to facilitate closer collaboration on IPR enforcement in the ARIPO region; 

  • to initiate the creation of a network of IPR enforcement officials of the ARIPO region.

AfrIPI - AWP24 - Activity 8