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Africa IP SME Helpdesk webinar: “Doing business in Ghana: IP tips for market access”

11 Oct 2022

On 25 October 2022, the Africa IP SME Helpdesk is organizing a webinar titled “Doing business in Ghana: IP tips for market access”.
Ghana’s dynamic economy is proving an attractive option for foreign businesses and investors. Recently, IP laws have been put in place that are aligned with international best practices.
The presentation will provide information on the IP rights legal framework, and the relevant institutions for acquiring and enforcing IP rights, particularly, patents, trade marks, industrial designs and copyright.
It will also tackle the available enforcement measures and the practical challenges businesses may face when enforcing their IP rights. The discussion will include:

  • administrative and border measures

  • civil and criminal enforcement measures

  • the possible use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms

  • the expected remedies for aggrieved rights holders.

There will be practical examples and decisions from the Ghanian courts, which will be of interest to potential investors in IP rights in Ghana, together with relevant recommendations for investors.
Register for the webinar here.