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AfrIPI at the first EU-Kenya Business Forum

23 Feb 2023
Skyline of a city and logo of the event

On 21 and 22 February 2023, AfrIPI took part in the first EU-Kenya Business Forum in Nairobi, Kenya.

The EU-Kenya Business Forum aimed to foster European trade & investment in Kenya by highlighting economic opportunities and potential whilst it discussed areas for improvement. The event promoted Kenya as a business destination and identified trade and investment opportunities for job creation and sustainable and diversified growth. In line with its strategic vision, the EU and its Member states, as major partners, are committed to supporting the formulation and implementation of reforms oriented towards a sustainable economic diversification of the Kenyan economy.

The event provided insights into key themes of EU-Kenya business relations, such as circular economy, agriculture, green energy, ICT, and other infrastructure. Specific panels were also showcased with business cases and opportunities. Additionally, the forum included a platform for direct interaction between companies and between firms and policymakers. Over 27 countries were represented at the event.

Aida Galindo Ortiz, the AfrIPI project leader, and Nancy Samuriwo the AfrIPI intellectual property rights expert represented AfrIPI. Aida and Nancy promoted AfrIPI and the Africa IP SME Helpdesk through networking with EU SMEs and a presentation session at the event on 21 February 2022. Their presentation covered the following topics:

  • the business benefits of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs);

  • facilitating intra-African trade and African and European investment through IP:

    • The AfrIPI Programme

    • The Africa IP SME Helpdesk

  • protecting your IPRs in Kenya within the regional framework of ARIPO.