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Trade mark and design guidelines of the Egyptian TIDO: revision and technical working groups

01 Jan 31 Dec

In 2024, the project will support the final stage of development of the trade mark and design examination guidelines and their translation into Arabic. For this purpose, exchanges between the TIDO experts and AfrIPI short-term experts will be facilitated, providing a platform to present suggestions and examples to supplement and further elaborate specific parts of the guidelines. The final version of the guidelines will be translated into Arabic by the IP linguistic expert provided by the project, in preparation for their implementation at Office level and their publication for users’ reference.

Once the guidelines are available in both languages, AfrIPI will organise an informative exchange in which they will be presented, and recommendations on their use will be given. Additionally, the project will provide the necessary training to the TIDO experts to facilitate their effective implementation.

Furthermore, to ensure the sustainability of the guidelines, the project, with the support of EUIPO experts, will present a maintenance plan to TIDO’s management, taking as a reference the proven methodology used by the EUIPO in the regular updating of its guidelines. AfrIPI will also make recommendations concerning the publication of the guidelines, in order to further increase the transparency and predictability of TIDO’s decisions, to the benefit of the business community.


AfrIPI - AWP24 - Activity 14