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Support the registration at the regional level of Spirulina from Chad (Dihé)

N’Djamana – Chad

22-23 Jul

In 2023, AfrIPI recruited an expert to conduct a screening study on GIs in Chad with an inventory of the existing GIs. The results of the study presented ‘spirulina of Chad’ to be the champion product.

From 22-23 July 2024 in N’Djamana – Chad, a validation seminar will be organised to present the study to the relevant stakeholders and enable discussions with groups of GI producers in Chad, thereby accelerating the application for the registration of the GI in the OAPI region.

This activity will benefit from the support of the partners present in Chad within a Team Europe Approach. The drafting of specifications will be coordinated between OAPI, AfrIPI, and producers’ associations.

AfrIPI - AWP24 - Activity 33